“The light that emanates from the citizens
is what attracted me to ask for t
he resident status and become your cocitizen these are the words with which Aleksandar Tavadze explained why he had decided to move to Novi Sad, adding that with his work he wants to colour the light that he feels being surrounded by our fellow citizens.

Who is Sasha actually and why has he attracted our attention?

Georgian who grew up in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, at the age of twenty, started his career in the Information Centre of REC (Republic Election Commission) developing the first Electronic Elections in his native country. He soon began to manage the project development of electronic banking. He has spent more than 13 years in this sector where he develops systems for bank information security. He decides to go a step further and on his own , he develops his own patent systems, which we can see all around the world either when we are at the bank or at the airport. Now, living and working among Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, China, Germany, Georgia, he changes several time and temperature zones in a week. At the age of 37, he decided to base himself in Serbian Athens.



Sasha, what has brought you to our city?

I came to visit my friend Marko Jurišić, who is your fellow citizen, and I was amazed by architecture, food, people who are very hospitable , and of course women. I know that you often say that people here are negative, worried, dissatisfied, but when you don’t understand the language, then you follow the body language. What I felt here is completely different from that. Novi Sad emits calm, which is felt in the air, and which works as an antistress pill for people who do a stressful job. For me, Novi Sad is such an anti stress pill because here I feel exactly that way. Isn’t that a good enough reason to move your life right here?


What are your plans now when you are here? What are you going to do?

I decided to open one of my company branches here, and I will reveal my secret to you, that I already did that in May, when I opened “ Advaced Technologies Solutions” , and so I found a job in Serbia (laugh). I will tell you an anecdote that will describe in the best way how the people from Novi Sad see me: I was sitting the other night in a relaxed atmosphere in the city centre with my friends, enjoying the last days of the summer. . In the middle of the conversation I took the glass I was drinking from and said: “ I am irritated by the these droplets on the glass. I am thinking about how to produce a quality glass on which the lipstick traces and beer foam would not remain.” Everybody started laughing positively and said ” Sasha, you are working even when you are relaxing.| I don’t know how good that is , but I think it’s just human nature.

Why have you decided to open a company in Serbia and what does your company do?

People who are workaholics cannot sit idly by. Of course I have great ambitions both at work and in life, and I will not stop developing new technologies, improving existing and creating new patents. Serbia has a very good position in Europe, I think you are aware of it. So it can be an excellent base for the further development of my tasks towards European Union. Also, although many will disagree with me in the first step, I see a great potential in this country because the market is not developed enough and I am sure there is much space for improving the quality of life of the citizens through technologies offered by this company.

Can you tell us a secret, which of your patents and how can it improve our lives?

Can you imagine a situation in which every day, at any place and any time you pay your bills and get a
receipt that looks
like a fiscal bill which guarantees that the bill is paid? You can do that in the first newsstand, even in a restaurant while you are having lunch with your friends. Can you imagine there is no more waiting in a line at post offices, banks, that you can pay by cash or a credit card from any location. You can supplement your bank account, internet, make money transferssend it and withdraw in any corner shop, anywhere…I’ll give you an example: You are sitting now with
me, and
your husband, boyfriend, friend sends you 2000 dinars by going to the newsstand and gives your phone number. At the very moment, you receive the message with a unique code and a notice that this amount has been sent to you. You go to the first store, supermarket, exchange office you give your code and withdraw the money. At any time of day or night, 365 days a year. Not to mention that this is particularly useful for elderly people who are disabled so the authorized person ( bank) arrives at your address with a device from whic12190032_1179947475355017_2432420098440499_nh you can withdraw your pension or pay your bills. I think I’ve said too much for the first step…


How do you think people will adopt this system since everything that is new scares us? Does it exist anywhere?

Of course. It exists in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Azerbaijan, for at least 5 years, and it works very successfully. People use it extensively. Now, I am working in these countries to extend and improve new options for this system. In Azerbaijan, for instance, you can use it for over four hundred different services. Maybe it would be interesting to say that people in my country play the lottery using this system. I believe that young generations, who work overtime, in nightshifts, students etc. will soon adopt this system. When people realize that it really works everyone will slowly start using it. The confidence should be built, and it is lost easily and that is why I paid more attention to the safety of this system.