Cash In Desk platform as part of innovative projects for insurance in Western Europe.

The article about solution was published in the annual report on insurance trends by an international consulting company International Insurance Consulting & Training.

How can our system be useful for insurance companies?

Operation’s Control of Insurance Agents.

This solution allows to use Cash In Desk terminals for the transactions of selling insurance policies. Besides it, the agent immediately receives all his commissions, not expecting any transactions from insurance company. In addition, online transactions is not subject of taxation (like a banking transactions), therefore, it increases the net profit of insurance company.

System of payments of pre-prepared insurance policies.

Client fills in the application form for an insurance policy online and attaches the necessary files. After the approval of insurance company, client makes an online payment be credit card or cash payment through terminal Cash In Desk. As a result, insurance company doesn’t need to have a wide network of offices and cost of company’s ownership decreasing.

Collecting the fees on insurance policies.

Payment through agents makes a risk of theft of funds. Payment cash or cards through banks and retail networks – way to loss some money of commissions. Payment in offices insurance companies means the necessity to maintain a large number of offices. The way out of this situation is using of a network of terminals Cash In Desk by agents or retail. Using the special option in these terminals, the fees on insurance policies can be paid without banking taxation. So, it’s comfortable for clients and increases the net profit of insurance company.

Our software partner in this project –  DAS Solutions

More details on how to control sales of agents, prepay insurance policies and maintain records of insurance contracts with Cash In Desk – here…