Alarm system for telecommunication manholes mines

The challenge system to notify the owner or person in charge of the opening of the fact / closing manhole telecommunications mine. The system consists of active sensors mounted in the shaft near the hatch and software in the center monitoring.


The sensor consists of 2 parts: a spring-loaded rod installed in the vicinity of the mine manhole and electronic unit mounted inside the shaft. Spring-loaded rod attached at one end to the shaft wall. Inside the rods are power wires, antenna cable, data cable (optional). The second end rods to be rectangular heel, orange color, with a warning  inscription (STOP). Inside heel GSM antenna is installed. Optional inside heel can be fixed the following devices:

  • Beeper – in the open manhole mode and disable the alarm, he takes a short sound pulses to warn pedestrians. In the case of tripping alarm (unauthorized access, theft of manhole), he works in a mode siren
  • Warning lights – work in flashing mode with an open manhole. Additional warning information for pedestrians and vehicles
  • RFID card sensor – designed for reading the employee card, opened manhole. Map information is transmitted to the monitoring center

The principle of operation of the sensor

When you open manhole a spring-loaded lever spring action translated into a vertical position. GSM module sends a message via SMS to the monitoring center. If the sensor is equipped with a beeper, is included periodic warning beeps. If the sensor is equipped with warning lights, they are included in a flashing mode. If the sensor is equipped with a system of reading RFID-cards, the signal electronics waits a predetermined time (30 seconds to 2 minutes) authorization RFID- card. If the card is brought closer the employee, then sent to the monitoring center
card identifier. The software in the monitoring center of the hatch as the notes authorized manner open and display information about who it was opened.

If the card has not been brought closer to the prescribed time, the following occurs actions:

  • Software issues a warning about unauthorized manhole opening with an indication of origin, and description (paid on the installation stage system)
  • If the sensor is equipped with a beeper, he transferred to the siren mode. Silencing the siren and removal of the warning made by the operator remotely from monitoring room.

When you close the manhole (if no alarms unauthorized opening), the spring-loaded lever is returned to its original position and after 5 minutes the sensor sends a SMS to the monitoring center to close and translates their systems into standby mode. Software as a closed manhole marks.