Alarm system for control access to communications mines CMACS

CMACS system

Proposed system is designed to protect against unauthorized access to telecommunication mines through hatch covers. System per a set of modules provides the following functionality:

  •  Warning if hatch opening to a monitoring center’s operators
  •  Authorization of staff who opened the hatch of telecommunications mines
  • Locking / unlocking the hatch telecommunications mines by operator remotely from monitoring center

System scheme

The system can be built depending on the choice of the customer in one of the 2 solutions: Host and Cloud

Host solution

In this solution, the client company provides network and server to accommodate software. All communications go through the company’s internal network. The company pays an for software support.

Cloud solution

In this solution customer company makes monthly / quarterly payments for sensors connection to the cloud-system of ATSol company. All technical support CMACS system software executed by ATSol. Connecting control unit takes place via the GSM channel to the cloud-system of ATSol company. Operator console of customer monitoring center are connected through a VPN channel to the cloud-system of ATSol company.

Installation site

The system allows to install equipment (opening sensors), on the entire range of available hatches. Depending on the manhole mines design can be applied additional adapters for installation on the wall or the inside mines cavity.

Connections between system’s components

Openning sensors

To connect hatch opening sensor to electronics components AMSE used free copper or optical fibers. When using copper wires requires 2 wires (1 pair), using optical fiber – one fiber, any cable type. The transmitter is located directly at the opening of the sensor housing. The receiving part and the electronics components AMSE is located at the telephone station.

Authentication module

For authentication module used connection via GSM channel for programming and module management. As an authentication card can be used employer’s access card, for example using for access in the company building. GSM channel is used to protect the system from shutdown or abuse by staff

Hatch lock/unlock module

Module communicate with control system by GSM channel. This is protect system from shutdown or abuse by staff. If the battery charge drops below 25 percent, send a diagnostic signal to a remote monitoring center. By reducing the charge below 15 percent lock an automatic unlocking. As an option

propose reserve / main power for locks from the telephone network with a free telephone pair in the protected mine. With this option, there are 2 variants of the system configuration:

Main power from the telephone line. If the power off sensor switches powered by the backup battery. Opening and closing of the lock via the GSM channel

Main battery power. If the power off sensor switches to backup power from the telephone line. Opening and closing of the lock via the GSM channel