Fuel Control

Fuel Control

The main advantages of the system

  • Automation of the refueling process
  • Automation of accounting and control of fuel consumption
  • Automation of accounting of traffic characteristics
  • Excluding the possibility of theft of fuel staff
  • Elimination of the human factor from distribution and accounting of fuel and lubricants

Description of the system

  • Fuel Control is an automatic system that allows electronic distribution and control  fuel consumption in fleets and does not allow its theft.
  • The system is based on the computerized authorization of the car with a fuel dispenser, by means of a microchip built into the car.
  • Authorization and refueling of land transport take place without human intervention. The elimination of the human factor leads to significant time and cost savings.


  • Electronic filling is only possible with a pistol injected into the fuel tank
  • Filling other containers – impossible
  • Automatic reporting
  • Automatic locking runs and moto-hours Airport ground transport
  • Warnings to management on fuel overruns

System operation scheme

  • Each car is embedded microchip, carrying information about the run, № vehicle, fuel type, etc. At the gas station, a computer is connected to the filling pistol and a special controller.
  • When the pistol is inserted into the fuel tank, the car is authorized, and, in the case of a positive result, the fuel supply is automatically turned on.
  • At the end of the fueling process, the computer stores the data: Number of price, type of fuel, mileage cars and the time the engine is running.
  • The information is transferred to the office, the software generates reports for the accounting and management of the organization, as well as warns about fuel overexpenditure by this or that car.