Alarm system MATR

MATR system

MATR system is designed to provide company control for the equipment what are installed in
telecommunications and other racks. Racks may contain both electronic and various
technological equipment. MATR system, depending on the modules can perform the following
• Racks door opening control (basic version)
• Personnel Identity Module to identify staff
• Module unlocking / locking rack remotely

System layout

Depending on the client’s needs system can be built using 2 technologies, wired and wireless.
The flexibility of the system allows the use of both technologies.
The sensors are connected directly or through electronic components to ATSol Cloud. This cloud
system with fail-safe guarantee 99.999%. The operator consoles are also connected to ATSol
Cloud. This mean what client does not need to deploy their own IT-infrastructure
All technical support for the software implemented by ATSol.

Wiring technology

Using this technology means that there is a link between the equipment in the rack and the
equipment on the telephone station (PBX). It can be telephone cables or optics. Hardware
(sensors) are installed in the rack. Control components mounted on the telephone station (PBX)
to which connected the present rack.

Wireless technology

In this case, the system messaging and work takes place via the GSM channels. Used SMS
protocols, CLIP, GPRS
Electronic components mounted on the PBX are connected by GSM channel to ATSol Cloud.

Module unlocking/locking rack lock remotely

This module allows company to lock the doors of the telecommunication racks using
electromechanical lock. The module is possible to be installed in racks with telephone pairs
(powered by the telephone line), as well as in other racks there is power in the rack. The doors
are locked by special electromechanical lock. Its design allows to put it into any existing rack,
design features allow it to be insensitive to backlash doors and sagging. Backup power provided
by battery size D. If needed to open door, the employee call to operator, and say the rack code
(applied to the rack door). Operator via the access system send command to electronics unit for
opening the lock. In standby mode, the lock does not consume power. For situations where the
connection with a lock is not possible (damage to communication lines, the lack of power) is
possible to open the lock key mechanically, but operator will have notified of the fact opening of
the door. When power fail, can open lock by the key. Rack doors automatically locking when the
door is closed. In wireless connection communications provide via GSM channel. Option
“open without an operator»
As an option for this module provides a self-service mode. In this case, it does not require the
presence of the operator. His role is performed by the SMS-module. To open the door, the
employee sends an SMS with the rack number (applied to the door). If his phone number is on
the list of authorized access, the SMS-module gives the command to open the lock.
Identification is performed by the employee’s phone number

Operating temperatures and conditions

  • Sensor systems operate at temperatures from ‐25 to +55, 0-­90% humidity, the level of protection IP67
  • Identification module operates in temperatures from ‐25 to +55, 0-­90% humidity, the level of protection IP67
  • The module locking / unlocking control operates at temperatures from -­25 to +55, 0-90%  humidity,  the  level  of protection IP67
  • The electronic components AMSE operate at temperatures from +5 to +55, 0-­‐80% humidity, non-­‐condensing