Professional crypto mining solution for datacenters


The main advantages of the solution

  • Crypto currency mining for 26 popular algorithms
  • 19” rack-mount ready equipment
  • Remote control
  • Automatic or manual switching between algorithms and crypto currencies.

Hardware description

The solution can be supplied with next components:

  • Universal crypto miner UMG, based on Nvidia 1080 chipset, 20480 cores, 64 GB totally
  • Universal crypto miner UMGI, based on Nvidia 1080 chipset, 28672 cores, 88 GB totally
  • ETH-oriented crypto miners EMG, based on AMD Radeon 580 chipset, 18432 processors, 64 Gb totally

Software properties

  • Support control 11 types of crypto mining software
  • Support 26 popular algorithms, like as SHA-256, Scrypt, X11, Ethereum, Zcash
  • Software can change algorithms using for mining in manual or automatic modes
  • Hardware monitoring
    • Processors
    • GPU Status
    • Memory
    • SDD
  • Remote control from desktops, tablets, mobile phones

Additional options

Liquid cooled racks for crypto miners

  • Special construction for avoid contact between water and electronics
  • 19” racks
  • “Free cooling” mode for cold climatic conditions
  • Decrease energy costs for cooling.