Mobile ATM

Traditional ATM business


Big count of ATMs in country’s territory.
Need big ATMS’s net to provide service for bank customers
It is one of tools to receive new clients
Problems – 5 point of expensive
It is expensive = Price x ATM count
It is expensive #2 = Price for cash maintains x ATM count
It is expensive #3 = Price for technical maintains x ATM count
Low level for security. Big network – big points for attacks. Big network – It is expensive #4 = Price for security systems x ATM count
It is expensive #5 = Price for position’s rent x ATM count

Rational use of an ATM


It can be positioned in the most visited places at the moment. For example, near the football stadium during a match, a small village in the issuance of pensions.

In this case as soon as the event ends up requiring the presence of an ATM — it can be transported to another place.

Thus a mobile ATM allows you to serve multiple places where periodically arises the need for peak cash

Classical ATM
Mobile ATM