The monitoring system of railway rolling stock


  • The cost of cars var ies greatly f rom their purpose, from simple to complex plat forms ref rigerator wagons. The main problems in the operation are as follows:
    The lack of information on the status of wagons
    Losses wagons (hijacking)
    Improper and untimely maintenance (repair of bearings, maintenance refrigeration plants, diesel plants)
    Improper operation (overload, incorrect operating parameters)
    Theft of lubricants and fuel resources
  • Lack of information about the posit ion of the wagons in the territory leads to the following negat ive factors
    Downtime of wagons (no one knows where they are)
    Increased wear of wagons (we use that quickly found)
    Not the ability to quickly retake another customer of wagons (do not know when and where it will arrive)
    Loss of time searching for wagons (where they were posited to the station)


  • The cont rol module mounted on wagons and locomotives
  • GPS \ LBS posit ion sensors
  • Rugged IP67
  • Over 7 days of operation in the act ive mode without recharging, months standby
  • Ability to connect a var iety of sensors
  • The ability to connect an external solar panel for the “eternal” works
  • Work regardless of the count ry (over 200 countries)
  • Sensors
    Opening / closing
    The presence of voltage
    Level of fuels and oils
    Contact groups