TCard for Public Transport System

The main advantages of the system

  • Full control over the issue and turnover of tickets.
  • Convenience for Passengers and Transport Owners
  • Easy system extensibility
  • Full control over the movement of funds paid for the use of transport.

System description

The system includes the following main components:

  • Cards for customers
  • Readers installed in transport
  • Recharge cards terminals
  • System Management Software
  • Additional integration modules


  • Cards are protected chip cards
  • One card can be used to pay for different types of transport
  • The card can be recharged with cash, credit card or via the Internet
  • Card design can be different


  • Terminals are installed at public transport stops
  • Terminals can be additionally equipped with an additional screen, which displays information about traffic. For example, when the next bus arrives
  • The terminals can fill the passenger card using cash or credit card
  • Terminals can issue QR tickets for 1 – 2 trips, for example, for tourists

Additional modules

  • An application for a smartphone, can be used to work with QR-tickets
  • Terminals for checking ticket controllers. The terminals are compact and equipped with readers for contactless cards and QR-tickets
  • Integration with the system of other transport operators. For example, intercity bus carriers
  • Integration with the Cash In Desk system